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Euan Here - Recap of 2013

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 6:22 PM


Hi there

Sorry again

Oh yeah, I've got a DA journal... Kinda forgot about that ^^; Well, since its the New Year, I thought I'd recap on what happened back in 2013 for me. Though my memories are pretty crap, so I may end up leaving something out and such ^^;

Steph popping over

:iconkawaiisteffu: wanted to go to the London MCM Comic Con (aka. London Expo)in May, but didn't want to travel alone, so she requested that she'd come over during that time. Though a month before the Expo, she came over for a 'test' stay over to see if things were okay (with her travelling from her home to here on her own, which she succeeded). So, she spent a few nights over where I introduced her to the Viva La Bam and Russell Howard's Good News. Also took her to Colchester which she had a good time there with ACE comics and the tame squirrels. So things went well and was prepared for the Expo in May.

London MCM Comic Con - May

With :iconkawaiisteffu: back over at mine for the London Expo, it was a very exciting time for her, especially when she heard that Hannah Spearitt would be there.

Won't go into great detail (mostly cause I can't fully remember much and such), it wasn't a smooth experience for Steph on Friday due to her wallet gone missing (mostly the money she had was in there, but her important stuff like credit card, train tickets and such were still in her bag), terrible weather and her feet in alot of pain due to the shoes she wore for her cosplay. Though the remaining 2 days seemed to have improved since she got to see Hannah (with a signiture and photo with her) as well as a wrestler guy (not sure who he was though), whilst also meeting up with our friends being :icongagaman: and :iconmabletherabbid: who had their own stall in the Comic Village area. Also met up with :iconshadow-dinosaur: and :iconluke-the-f0x: .

Was overall a okay time apart from Friday which was a crap day to forget.

Summer of Sonic 2013

At August, I went to Summer of Sonic which was back in London. :iconluke-the-f0x: decided to join up with me along the way (most likely that he didn't know where he was going). Arrived at the venue with an hour before opening. Waited in the queue where we shortly met up with :iconshadow-dinosaur: and :iconkawaiisteffu: where we had many laughs in the queue (messing with plushies).

Soon we went in, getting our own goodie bags and checked out the 2 rooms that the event was in.The 1st room was where the main stage was as well as the place to play with the games demos of Sonic Lost World on Wii-U and 3DS as well as previous titles. Along with the display case containing mostly rare Sonic merchandise. The 2nd room contained the shop stall full of Sonic related items, artist table for ones to draw for the competition as well as some Sonic artists getting their own tables, like :iconfrobman: and a area for the celebraties to sign people's items. There was also a cafeteria, but I never went there (wasn't sure where it was).

Decided to enter the art competition by drawing the Cubot and Orbot trying to get back home, though there was concern as art was being 'stolen' but it turned out that one of the staff memebers was taking the art down from the art wall to be placed in a box for judging. This annoyed me as I wanted to show off my pic @@ And it didn't win.

While also meeting up with Frobman, I also saw :iconturbojuk: dressed as Wes Weasley from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. and met up with :icondcleadboot: who was dressed in his Professor Pickle's outfit for the cosplay competition. I once again entered the cosplay contest, dressed as Eggman (though not shaved my hair. I love my hair ;_; ) but this time I had a hand puppet of Orbot. Managed to make it to the finals along with Dan, though we didn't win, was still nice that I got to be in the finals to show off the puppet.

Had a watch of Frobman's: Sonic Unleashed in Brief in which I got to voice Professor Pickle. I did have more lines, but were unfortunately cut. Was also noticable that the animation was barely there when compared to the previous 'Sonic in Brief' cartoons (most likely cause with so much stuff to do, he couldn't fully animated it like in the past). Had also got to try out the 3DS title of Sonic Lost World (though couldn't play the Wii-U version due to a very very very very very long queue with long waiting times), I thought it was enjoyable, though no idea how to make Sonic run faster (though once I got the game, I knew).

It was overall a fun time as SoS (probably cause I wasn't feeling like crap from being confined in hot sweaty rooms). Heres hoping SoS 14 will be as good.

Off to Nether Nether Netherland!

Sorry for the crappy pun title, but yeah I went to the Netherlands along with the parents and my niece for a small holiday. Was a holiday for my niece as the parents weren't sure if she was going on a holiday or not. Though the location was mainly for me as it gave me a chance to meet up with :icondoublesnl: :iconrogerregorroger: and :iconhhog:

DAY1: Was a early start for us as we drove all the way to Gatwick Airport (though I left wondering why we didn't go for Stansted Airport instead as it was alot closer). Flying wasn't pleasent for me as I haven't flown since 2008 and I'm not huge with flying ^^; Though we did arrive safe and sound. We were driven by taxi to Amsterdam and after a while, we arrived at our hotel, being the 'GRAND HOTEL AMRATH', which was a very fancy hotel, where we can drink out the minibar and not get charged.

We had a walk around in Amsterdam looking for a place to eat. Despite going past many resturants that looked good, we ended up eating at this Mexican resturant where when me and mother ordered a burger, we got 2 burgers, but no buns... Why? After that we headed back to the hotel... Through the Red Light District... With my 10 year old niece.... Yeah... ^^; . Ruben (aka. H-Hog) popped over on his way back from work where I gave him one of the spare Summer of Sonic 2014 goodie bags. Drank a few drinks from the minibar and he headed off for home.

DAY 2: I headed off on my own to meet with me friends while the parents took Lia around the museums and stores. Met up with Ruben who I piggybacked with (not literally) on the trains to head near where Silvia lived. Was a long journey, but surprisingly cheaper than in the UK.

Once arriving at station where Silvia and Roger were waiting, I gave Silvia one big hug which caught her by surprise, though Roger was disappointed that he didn't get one =P Was raining so most of us had umbrellas up (though Roger decided to act like the tough but dumb looking wet guy without a umbrella) as we explored the nearby town. After a time, Silvia's mother came to pick us up and take us back to their place where I gave Roger his Fighters Megamix game for the Sega Saturn and Silvia's comics. Played some New Super Mario Bros Wii which proved rather chaotic as we all kept on causing each other to lose power ups or fall to our deaths. We later went out to explore the village that Silvia lived in. Not long after returning we had some dinner as well as dessert in the form of a large cake.

With time getting on, Silvia's brother drove us to the train station... He drove like a maniac! (holding on tightly as he drove round corners so fast) SLOW DOWN!!! THE ROAD IS WET!!!. After surviving that drive, we said our goodbyes and headed off for Asterdam (while Roger went the other way for dog sitting for his parents).

DAY 3: Went off to explore Amsterdam a bit before meeting up with Silvia and Ruben back at the hotel. Though once they arrived, we waited for almost an hour for the parents to return with Lia from a walk about, where unfortunately for us, we got lumbered with Lia ... Thanks(!).

So we took Lia along to a old game store where we saw many old games there, but I didn't get anything due to the amount of money I had on me. Stopped off at a modern game store which was interesting, but once again, nothing there that I wanted to get. We soon arrived at this store that sold toys (old, new and foriegn), where I ended up getting a Transformers Prime toy while Lia got herself a mini anime figure.

We met up with the parents who were queuing up for the Anne Frank Museum for Lia, but they decided not to go in and went to get us a pedalo boat to explore the canals of Amsterdam. Though it wasn't smooth sailing as Ruben (being such a big guy) had us worried that we may overturn or sink ^^; But also, Lia decided to sit up front with Silvia and after a 1/4 on our router path, she wanted to swap places which we couldn't do, which meant poor Silvia had to pedal most of the way whilst I was sitting in the boat being really paranoid. But soon we made it round our route and got a tram back to the hotel where we stayed in the room til the parents returned (though they were on a boat cruise, so they were gone for ages). Ruben left a while later due to his wet socks (though I wouldn't be surprised if he left cause of Lia's annoyance ^^; )

Once the parents returned, me and Silvia decided to walk around Amsterdam to find a place to eat for dinner. Though I wasn't really sure where to eat and such (same with Silvia) and we ended up eating at a Burger King. Went to the toilet and this guy told me I had to pay 50 cents to use the toilet, though when Silvia went to the loo, she saw the sign saying (in DUTCH) that if you showed your recipt, then you didn't need to pay. So I was grumbling that the guy didn't even ask for my recipt.

Took Silvia to the train station where we said our goodbyes as she headed off to Ruben's to stay for the night.

DAY 4: After being told our flight wouldn't leave until around 7ish, I was allowed to explore Amsterdam. I went to film some of the trains at the station where I texted to Silvia if she wanted to join me in exploring Amsterdam, which she accepted. Soon met up with her (she had to spook me like that T-T; ) and went to explore more of Amsterdam.

We stopped off at a store where Silvia asked me to pick out one of these little doll models called: Kimmidoll as it became a tradition for her to have her friends select one of these dolls for her to buy. I selected the the 'Sonomi' one which represented 'friendship' ^^

Soon I returned back to the hotel where Ruben also turned up to give me and the family a send off. Soon we said our farewells and headed off for the airport. The plane was delayed which annoyed me, though wasn't that bad. Soon took off and landed back in the UK and headed back for home.

Overall the trip to Amsterdam was well worth going to. Only wished I could have stayed longer.

Met Charles Martinet

Something that Orleans suggested I go to, along with a visit to a Sonic group meet up at Hyde Park (I think). I was in the queue and arrived early, but not early enough as the queue was long and not to mention, it took ages for it to move. Took so long in fact that I along with many others were moved to the later signing, which meant I would miss the Sonic Group meet up. I was able to meet up with Charles, gave him a drawing I drew in the queue while waiting which he seemed to like. Got him to sign my Super Mario Galaxy and gave me a signed New Super Mario Bros Wii-U poster.

I went to Hyde Park to find the Sonic Group, but because of how large the park was, the chances of me finding the group was unlikely. So I decided to head off and go in search for a Toys R Us store to find some Transformers and was able to find a figure I wanted, so wasn't all for nothing =P

London M... Oh wait my birthday

Yeah, September 23rd was my 27th birthday.... Nothing special happened that day... Moving on.

London MCM Comic Con - October

Well, London Expo once again, where I've been going to for the past 5 years. Though nothing too special was happening during the event, except :iconhhog: was there with :iconmegliffkaddy: as he was visiting her and decided to come over during the London Expo. He seemed to find it a amazing experience, while Steph was being all excited and barely entering the main hall, she bought a Totoro hat XD Also her massive reactions to seeing cosplayers of her fav characters (like the Banjo Kazooie cosplayers where she just SCREAMED making everyone look at her like: O-o).

Also met up with :iconshadow-dinosaur: as well as :icongagaman: and :iconmabletherabbid: who this time decided not to have their own stall and just join as attendees. Aaron felt rather left out seeing all of us playing with our 3DS's (so much so that he eventually got himself one). I also met up with :iconmaddysu86: along with Retrodanno and their friends.

Decided to get something signed by a celebratie and that person was: Roger Craig Smith. I wanted him to sign one of my Sonic games, but I forgot to bring one of my games for him to sign, I went to a CEX store to get a Sonic game. Couldn't find Sonic Generations and didn't want him to sign a copy of Sonic Free Riders, so I brought Sonic Colours which was in excellent condition and for £8. Originally was gonna have him sign my game on Saturday, but he along with 2 other celebs left which really miffed off everyone with one person clearly saying: "I only came today for this!" And I too was grumpy because I spent £15 on a ticket thats not even good for toilet paper >< Though to make up for it, he was gonna spend extra time in signing stuff for people. So arrived there early on Sunday, got into the queue and got my copy of Sonic Colours signed (as well as a photograph of me with him). Orleans was there and felt a lil down that he couldn't join the queue, but decided to cheat by carefully tearing apart the coloured wrist band that I got to show that I was permitted to get something signed from Roger and put it on Orlean's wrist. And sure enough, Orleans got to see Roger, had something signed and a photo ^^ Also got one of my copies of Red Dward signed by Hattie Hayridge (who played as Holly in series 3 - 5 as well as Hilly from series 2).

After the Expo finished on Sunday, Ruben would head home with me (to save money as he couldn't stay over at Steph's). So after making sure Steph got on a bus to Oxford, we headed for home. Though by the time we arrived, we missed dinner with the family, so had a late dinner. Didn't do too much on Monday due to the high winds that caused damage around the UK (one of the trees in Kelvedon fell over and crushed someone's car). On Tuesday we headed for Colchester to explore and have some food (being a chinese buffet). Then on Wednesday he went to Witham with me to catch a coach ride to Oxford. Said our farewells and he was off (but not before annoying the coach driver who had to get Ruben a ticket for riding ^^; )

And thats it

Well, there has been a bit more than this happening to me during 2013, but I thought I'd just focus on the main bits that happened to me that year. So, heres to 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!.... (falls asleep) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....



Latest Youtube Videos…  <- Video footage of Dutch trains from Amsterdam Central Station.



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