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Euan Here - Recap on 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 5:22 PM


Hi there

LONG overdue journal!

Yeah, I keep forgetting I have a journal. Sorry about that. So here is a recap of what happened this year.


Well, the shortest month was a interesting one. Since :icondoublesnl: was popping over for a few days as a Christmas present from :iconrogerregorroger: so here is a quick round up of what happened.

SUNDAY - Went off into London for this Sonic group meet up that I decided to go to as well as using it as a excuse to go and meet up with Silvia in London. Met up with :iconshadow-dinosaur: at the Sonic group meet up. Entered a small art contest (which I managed to win first place and get a £10 Nintendo e-shop voucher), though I never found out if I won as Silvia had arrived, so I walked to the station and eventually found her (though got confused due to there being too many pianos at St Pancreas station).

MONDAY - :icondcleadboot: and :iconluke-the-f0x: popped over where Dan kindly drove us off to Colchester to visit ACE Comics and to have some Chinese food. We returned where we played a bit of the Wii before watching YTP vids on Michael Rosen and watched Wreck It Ralph before Dan and Luke headed off for home.

TUESDAY - Headed off to London while meeting Luke along the way to meet up with Orleans and :iconkawaiisteffu: where we popped over to the Natural History Museum before heading over to Forbidden Planet and then wander around Picardilly Circus to look into the TokyoToys store and popping into Hamleys for some milkshakes.

WEDNESDAY - Me and Sil headed over to Braintree Freeport to watch the LEGO Movie which we enjoyed alot and picked up alot of Cadbury choc at the 'Factory Outlet' store.

THURSDAY - ... We didn't really do that much that day since we struggled to plan out for that day without wasting money, so Sil tried out Minecraft for the XBOX 360.

FRIDAY - Silvia headed for home in the morning.

OVERALL - Was indeed a fun time with Silvia and the guys. I suppose my fav time during her visit was probably the Monday, since it was a fun day.


Was the time of the London MCM Comic Con. Another quick round up of what happened during that weekend.

FRIDAY - Arrived at London, heading over to Paddington to meet up with Steph who went cosplaying as Coco from Crash Bandicoot. Walked around exploring the convention to see what there is and get stuff before the main rush on Saturday. Stopped quite a bit due to many people wanting photos of Steph.

SATURDAY - Admittingly, the day didn't start out well which I'm not going to talk about, but it did leave me very grumpy and angry for half the day which really didn't help since the tone of the convention on Saturday turns polite friendly people into angry rude bastards. But the main point of the day was buying Ashen's and the Quest for the Game Child on Blu-Ray whilst also getting his autograph as well as getting Robert Llewellyn (aka. actor of Kryten from Red Dwarf). Did meet up with Luke, Orleans and Steph later on that day.

SUNDAY - Met up with Steph and had another exploration around the convention meeting up with friends again before eventually calling it quits to this weekend.

OVERALL - Was a good time at the convention, though it wasn't perfect due to certain things, but the good definately out-weighed the bad.


A few things happened this month, one of which I got a new car for personal use as well as other bits and pieces, but the main highlight was heading off to the Netherlands to stay over at Roger and Silvia's apartment. Once again another round up.

THURSDAY - Headed into London where I took the Eurostar train to Brussel, then took another train into the Netherlands and once again changing stations to head into Oss where I was greeted by Silvia. Whilst walking to the apartment, I was being stalked by Roger with a newspaper, having cut eye holes into it. Arrived at the apartment which was very spaceous with a nice enough view over the park which had a football pitch there. Also discovered another one of Roger's past times which is making models of famous landmarks.

FRIDAY - At the beginning afternoon, we headed for Silvia's hometown to meet her parents and brother, headed over to the local castle fort nearby where Roger and :iconadoublea: filmed at as 'Zelda Town' for their live action Evil Doc show back in 2009. After sometime we returned back to Silvia's home to have something to eat, a brief walk around the area before me and Roger headed back to Oss while Silvia stayed behind to do some post delievery the next day.

SATURDAY - With Silvia gone, it was up to Roger to keep me entertained, so we headed out to the Town Centre to have a look inside a windmill (due to it being a open day) and headed for the supermarket for some food for the dinner that I would be cooking as well some nimbles for the House Warming Party tomorrow. Silvia returned in the late afternoon and my 2nd attempt at making curry proved successful again, though was tricky to cook on a different cooker than the one at home.

SUNDAY - Helped out Roger and Silvia with some tidying up in the morning. Around the early afternoon, we headed over to the station to meet up with some of the party members which included :iconhhog: and :iconnothyrit: where they were given a small tour round the apartment. Roger made some hot dogs for everyone while everyone had some of the Cadbury Heroes choc I brought over. After sometime, we went outside into the park area as some fete was occurring at that time, also messed about on the swings and bouncy platforms before returning inside to watch a animated film as well as one of Hyrit's reviews. Soon after everyone left, one of Roger's friends turned up and watched a Tim Burton stop motion film and played a bit of Smash Bros on the Wii before calling it quits.

MONDAY - Was a break day so we did very little. Me and Silvia took the bikes and cycled to the shops to get some items for dinner. Also went out for a walk on my own around the Town centre.

TUESDAY - We all left early and traveled to Den Haag for the Madurodam Miniture park which was indeed interesting to look around with some of us messing around with a green screen machine and other collecting a tiny pair of china clogs. After a short time there we headed for Utrecht to the 'Het Spoorwegmuseum' (being a train museum), though a rather interesting one with some rides and interactive exhibits (like how the first Dutch Railway was formed or a 'ghost train' type of ride without ghosts, but mostly relying on jump scares and sharp turns. We left at closing time and wandered around Utrecht til around 6pm where we headed back to Oss.

WEDSNESDAY - We headed off to Amsterdam where we met up with Ruben and surprisingly Hyrit. Hyrit went to show Roger a small burger joint that makes 'amazing' burgers. After a brief while, we headed to a retro game store which was cool to browse in. Afterwards we headed for the import toy store (called: Space Oddity) where I picked up a small Transformer from there. We then took the trams to Ruben's (though Hyrit had to head off) where he showed of the recently opened CEX store. Once in the building and into Ruben's apartment room I could see how small it was (I imagined it to be slightly bigger) where we played a bit on the Wii-U, ate pizza and watched some IMP episodes before heading back to Oss.

THURSDAY - Got packed up, ate some breakie and then headed for the station where we all said our goodbyes. I arrived at the station on time, but the train I was supposed to get was delayed, it arrived 20 minutes late, then it took it 20 minutes to move the train from the back to the front of the carriages and.... nothing. We were all waiting for the train to go, but it never did. Instead we all had to take the train that was to have left an hour after the train I was on, but even then, that train was running 15 minutes late, So overall, I was delayed at the station around 80 minuutes resulting in me missing my Eurostar connection. Thankfully, I was transfered for free to a later train and made it back home safely.

OVERALL - I had a great time over there and is something I really want to do again, though hopefully next time, no more annoying delays.

There was also the Witham International Puppet Festival that I work as a steward, though unfortunately due to heavy rain, parts of Witham were flooded, so the main road closure had to remain open for traffic, so as a result the place was badly mobbed. Still, was overall a fun time.


Well, Roger and Silvia decided to come over to the London MCM Comic Con as well as Ruben. Once again, a quick round up.

THURSDAY - Roger and Silvia arrived at Kelvedon around the afternoon where not long after arriving, they both took a nap due to a lack sleep on their way here. Around 6pm we headed over to the Angel pub where we had dinner there (which they seemed to enjoy it)

FRIDAY - After getting ourselves ready, Dan arrived to head over to London, we left for London meeting up with Luke along the way. We arrived and were caught off guard by the very long line to get into the convention (this was for people who bought their tickets online), we also met up with :icongeneralsupertoad: who joined us along with Ruben and Steph (who I believe were inside the convention at the time). We went round to explore the convention and its 2 main halls where Silvia finally met face to face Ashens and got his DVD and autograph. I went along with Roger and Luke to record some live action shots for Sonic Dissected. After the event closed we headed off to Stratford for a bite to eat before heading for home, though we got delayed due the level crossing at Kelvedon not working, so Dan was late in getting home.

SATURDAY - We took our time to get going into London due to it going to be a busy day, which it was. We were able to meet up with :iconmaddysu86: as well as her bf and close friends where she gave us some pics for us which I failed to draw for her (was suffering from some bad art block at the time and still kinda am). I queued up to get a autograph from Danny John Jules (aka. Cat from Red Dwarf) which is great. After finishing off at the convention, we headed off to Stratford again, this time going into the Westfield Shopping Centre for something to eat before once again heading off for home.

SUNDAY - Headed up there early this time to London. Where once at the convention we went to do our own things. Unfortunately 2 of the voice actors I wanted autographs from I couldn't get due to the long line, so I failed there. I saw Steph along with her friend to get their autograph and photos with the current voice actor of Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series, which she was freaking out over. We eventually regrouped and went to help Ruben and Steph check out of their hotel before we left to go on the cable car over the River Thames to the O2 Arena (the Millenium Dome) where we had a browse round before headng back to Stratford to once again grab a bite to eat before heading for home.

MONDAY - We headed back to London, though with Roger's suitcase as he was heading back early for home. Once arriving in London, we were originally going to see the poppy display at the Tower of London, but due to overcrowding we abandoned it and headed off to Camden Market which Silvia was curious by. After a short time there, we headed off to Picardilly Circus to head up to Hamleys for the milkshakes and then headed to North Acton for the Heart of Gaming where we got to play unlimited amounts of times on arcade machines and playing console games, was a good time there. We dropped Roger off at the bus station at Victoria where me and Silvia headed for home.

TUESDAY - Me and Silvia decided to take it slightly easy and drove her up to Colchester to browse round and to see tame squirrels at Colchester Castle Park.

WEDNESDAY - Me and Silvia drove up to Mildenhall to meet up with Dan where upon arriving he dished out a early cooked dinner for us. We shortly went out to take Tumnus (Dan's dog) for a walk round the town and fields before returning back to watch the live action film of Asterix. Not long after the film ended, we said our goodbyes and drove off for home.

THURSDAY - Another mostly quiet day for both of us, though we headed over to Braintree to look around and take back some Cadbury choc.

FRIDAY - Silvia headed back for home.

OVERALL - Once again, a fun and enjoyable time. There were a few bad parts, but are pretty much over shadowed by the good things.

Well, thats pretty much what happened for 2014. Probably missed out some bits, but then again thats what happens when you don't make journals of stuff that recently happen. Still, heres  to 2015! Happy New Year to all!

Also, I've finally decided to stop throwing in 'Hi there' and my name in the comments. I'll still do it for my journal entries and e-mails... So.... Yeah =P





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